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Pharmacotherapy, commonly referred to as medication management, can be an important tool in addressing mental health challenges among children, adolescents, and adults. Medication, either as a stand-alone intervention or in conjunction with psychotherapy, can be administered for the relief of various psychiatric symptoms.

Children and Adolescents

In the treatment of children and adolescents, our approach to pharmacotherapy is both measured and judicious. As the pediatric population generally absorbs, metabolizes, and eliminates medications more rapidly than adults, we typically start medications at a low dose and then titrate them in accordance with the specific medical indications and psychiatric needs of the individual child or adolescent. Accordingly, prior to initiating medication, a detailed medical and psychiatric history is obtained. With parental consent, we also collaborate with the child’s pediatrician to get all relevant details pertaining to the child’s medical history. All information related to medication use, such as risks, benefits, potential side effects and alternatives to medication use, is discussed with parents/caregivers so that they can make an informed decision about whether to pursue this treatment option with their child.

In addition to working collaboratively with parents/caregivers, throughout the treatment process, we maintain active communication with all professionals involved in a child’s care (provided that parental consent has been obtained). This “treatment team” might include the child’s psychotherapist, pediatrician, and/or school staff. In this way, medication can be carefully monitored across multiple contexts in order to ensure maximum benefit for the child.


As in the treatment of children and adolescents, use of medication with adults is also tailored to the needs and indications of the individual. After obtaining a detailed medical and psychiatric history, we request written consent from the client in order to collaborate with his/her medical doctor. Following, we make specific medication recommendations designed to help the individual achieve his/her treatment goals.

Psychoeducation plays a major role in pharmacotherapy with adults. All risks, benefits, potential side effects, and other treatment options are discussed in detail with the client before he/she decides to initiate a medication trial. Side effects are carefully monitored with particular attention paid to possible drug-to-drug interactions. Throughout the treatment process, we actively communicate with the client’s medical doctor in order to ensure that medication is administered safely and effectively.